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The boathouse
Work Boat Fair 2022
Friday 16 September
At 13:00-14:00
Ethan Faghani 

Intelligent Solutions for Sustainability.

In this seminar, Cetasol will talk about the role of digitization in marine sustainability and present its energy optimization solution, iHelm for workboats. iHelm has been tested on ferries, pilot boats, taxi boats, fishing boats, CTVS in various countries around the world. iHelm provides a detailed overview of your business, opportunities for cost reductions and serves as decision support for the owners.


Cetasol is a Gothenburg-based company with a focus on sustainability within the marine segment. Cetasol's solution, iHelm, is an AI-powered software that provides real-time guidance for the crew and points of improvement for the business owner.


Ethan Faghani is CEO and founder of Cetasol. He has worked on disruptive innovations at various startups and companies including Volvo and Cummins-Westport. Ethan holds a doctorate in mechatronics (UBC) and executive innovation & entrepreneurship (Stanford).

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