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General conditions Work Boat Mässan Wasahamnen, 13–16 September 2023

General conditions regarding fair participation

Background these general conditions apply to the rental of exhibition space and to all other services provided during exhibitions organized by Team Marin Stockholm AB, hereinafter referred to as Team Marin. The main responsible for the fair is the event company Arkipe Stockholm AB (Team Marin's sister company), hereinafter referred to as Arkipe.



The agreement applies together with the booking confirmation between the specified company, hereinafter referred to as the Exhibitor and Team Marin and is drawn up in the original and a copy that the exhibitor keeps.


Fairground Wasahamen

The exhibition area consists of the harbor and the piers in Wasahamnen on Djurgården. No surfaces on solid ground may be used as exhibition space during the fair.



Booking of exhibition space must be done on the website provided by Team Marin, where a digital registration form is filled in and sent in to Team Marin. Registration is binding. Companies that reserve space are visible in the exhibitor list together with associated product names and brands. 


Registration confirmation

The notification is confirmed by Team Marin to the Exhibitor within a reasonable time. The registration confirmation means that Team Marin has received the Exhibitor's registration. The exhibitor must report inaccuracies in the registration confirmation within 10 working days of receipt. Team Marin reserves the right to determine the final fair location based on the fair's design and circumstances in general.


Payment terms

Upon registration, 50% of the total exhibitor cost is invoiced according to the invoice from Team Marin's sister company, the event company Arkipe. Payment terms are 20 days after registration.



The exhibitor has the right to cancel the exhibition space. The fee paid for the exhibition space is not refunded by Arkipe.


Exhibitor's rights

The exhibitor has access to his exhibition space from Wednesday 13 September at 2 p.m. The exhibitor has the right to use the fair location and surface specified by Team Marin for the display, sale and marketing of the exhibitor's products, services or messages. The exhibitor has the right to put up flags or the like in tents, own boats or on mooring booms and jetties. if this can take place without affecting Wasahamnen's facility.


Team Marin's rights

Team Marin has the sole right to allocate exhibition spaces and place exhibitors within the exhibition area. The registration and registration confirmation only confirm the Exhibitor's booking and registration for the boat fair. Team Marin reserves the right to adjust and/or rearrange the fair area before and during the entire boat fair. Team Marin has the right to test, deny or set special conditions for individual Exhibitors' participation or offer of products, services or messages during the boat fair. Team Marin has the right to, after notification and that the Exhibitor has been given the opportunity to remove exhibits, products, services or messages outside of the specified exhibition venue or that are contrary to other conditions, remove this and charge the Exhibitor an additional fee of SEK 5,000 ex VAT/used square meter. Team Marin has the unconditional right to notify an exhibitor who violates this agreement or other conditions or requirements specified by Team Marin, which for example appear in the exhibitor information. Team Marin does not reimburse any costs or claims for damages for damage that the exhibitor suffers as a result. Team Marin has the right to refuse participation at the fair if the Exhibitor's product is not compatible with the Work Boat segment or its associated equipment.


Obligations of the exhibitor

Unless otherwise agreed with Team Marin, the exhibitor must, at the latest one hour before the boat fair's official start time, take possession of his exhibition space and prepare it. After this time, if this has not happened, Team Marin has the right to let the exhibition space to another exhibitor. Team Marin does not reimburse any costs or claims for damages from the exhibitor when the venue is therefore let to someone other than the Exhibitor. The exhibitor must keep his products, services or message within the specified exhibition space. During the fair, the exhibitor must be responsible for the cleanliness and general condition of the fairgrounds. The exhibitor himself is responsible for products, clothing, equipment or third party property taken care of. Team Marin does not reimburse any costs or claims for damages regarding damaged or lost items in accordance with this. Team Marin advises the Exhibitor to take out a separate insurance policy regarding trade fair participation. The exhibitor may under no circumstances transfer the exhibition space. The exhibitor must keep his stand in the best condition and, at the request of Team Marin, improve it if it has defects. Boats must be appropriately moored so that they do not damage piers, booms or other exhibited boats. The exhibitor must keep his stand staffed and products, services or messages must be available to visitors during the boat fair's opening hours. After the fair, the exhibitor must leave his fairground in the condition in which it was taken into possession. Exhibitors may not:

A) Spread messages that, in accordance with Swedish law, can be perceived as offensive, discriminatory or racist.

B) Conduct the display, sale or marketing of products or services that contravene laws, directives or the International Chamber of Commerce's basic rules for advertising.

C) Conducting activities on the fairgrounds that, through their noise level or other influence, prevent other exhibitors from showing their products, services or messages.

D) To put up flags, signs or otherwise spread their message within the fair area, in a place other than the agreed fair place, without Team Marin's permission.

The Exhibitor shall itself be responsible for and compensate Team Marin for all expenses and damages suffered by Team Marin as a result of the Exhibitor's actions.


Team Marin's Obligations

Team Marin must keep the agreed expedient exhibition space available for the Exhibitor in accordance with this agreement. If Team Marin cannot provide the agreed fair place, the exhibitor is obliged to accept the adjustments that may be called for by prevailing circumstances. Team Marin must market the fair in an effective manner to promote the exhibitor's opportunities for sales and/or marketing of the Exhibitor's products, services or message.


Team Marin's responsibility

Team Marins is not responsible for any damage to the Exhibitor's property or the property of third parties at the Exhibitor's disposal, nor for other damages that affect the Exhibitor or the Exhibitor's personnel caused by the negligence of Team Marin or of personnel for whom Team Marin is responsible. Team Marin's liability towards the Exhibitor is limited to what is stated above, unless there is intent or gross negligence. Team Marin shall never be responsible for the Exhibitor's indirect damages. Team Marin's liability for damages shall in no case exceed five price base amounts.


In the event of restriction as above due to circumstances within Team Marin's control, Team Marin's liability is limited to reimbursement of exhibition space and/or other compensation paid to Team Marin. In cases where a catalog or other compilation of information relating to the boat fair is prepared, regardless of form, printed or electronic, Team Marin disclaims all responsibility for any inaccuracies therein. Team Marin disclaims all responsibility for damages or obligations as a result of these general terms and conditions or the regulations specified here not being followed, or approval from Team Marin not being obtained.


Force majeure

Should, as a result of war, riot or act of terrorism, government action or omission, new or amended legislation, pandemic, conflict in the labor market, blockade, fire, flood or major accident or other comparable event, Team Marin is forced to cancel or postpone the boat fair, unpaid fees are refunded. As soon as the event can be held, the exhibitor has the right to priority regarding the exhibition space. In addition, the Exhibitor is not entitled to any form of compensation.



The exhibitor agrees that available information about him may be given to third parties or disseminated in the media or on the Internet. The Exhibitor agrees that Team Marin may, without special permission from the Exhibitor, freely make sound and/or image recordings of the products, messages, films, presentations, performances, people or other things that represent the Exhibitor or that the Exhibitor shows at the fair. Team Marin then owns the right to freely publish the results of such recordings for its own PR or marketing purposes. Team Marin itself is responsible for obtaining the necessary permission for such use from relevant third parties. The exhibitor is responsible for informing booth staff about how the data is used.



Swedish law shall be applied to the Agreement without regard to choice of law rules. Disputes that arise between the parties as a result of the Agreement shall primarily be resolved in agreement with Arkipe. If a dispute cannot be resolved in agreement with Arkipe, the dispute shall be settled exclusively by a general court with the Stockholm district court as the first and final instance.

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